Friday, September 26, 2008

Invest in the Bay Area?

Some of my clients have been interested over the years in placing some money in a modest investment, in the Bay Area. The reasons may vary, but often it is to use the property later for themselves, or for their kids, and to benefit from the good appreciation that we enjoy here - or the good value that it holds over time.

A rule of thumb in the world of real estate is that whereever there is appreciation, the return on investment (ROI) is pretty small, and where the ROI is good, appreciation is much less.

In the Bay Area, I have often counselled my clients to look into areas moderately priced, but with excellent schools. I submit as examples the following two complexes in Mountain View (which as a City is a good middle ground between the very expensive and the cheapest areas of the Bay):
Old Mill complex in Mountain View

- The Old Mill Complex;
- the Parc Crossings:

These links, besides giving a history of prices in the complexes, also give detailed resources as to the schools.
I hope you find this of interest.

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