Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How is the market now, locally (around Palo Alto)?

How does the activity compare with the previous years, in the 5 combined Cities of: Menlo Park, Los Altos, Palo Alto, Mountain View, & Los Altos Hills?

The inventory of all homes for sale stands at 330, with 181 homes over $1 million, and 78 over $2 million.
Exactly a year ago, there were 370 homes for sale, with 231 homes over $1 million, and 118 over $2million.
Exactly 2 years ago, there were 485 homes for sale, with 292 homes over $1 million, and 118 over $2 million.

Clearly there are fewer homes for sale, which traditionally fosters a rise in home prices.

Week-end open houses see a lot of traffic, with many pre-approved buyers ready to buy “right now”. There are also a lot of people who are just starting their search. (I would say about 50%).

The best properties (showing well and/or upgraded) sell with multiple offers, often with all cash offers.  This indicates a lot of potential buyers who have been looking for a long while.

However, I also notice that buyers are very selective, and cautious.

Out of 109 properties for sale in Palo Alto, 50 are pending sale (in contract) with an average number of days on the market of 88 day, before entering in contract. This figure however includes 6 properties which have been on the market for over 200 days… (even one with 644 days on the market). One can say that the market is pretty active, but not unreasonable. It is also unforgiving...

Do you have any experience or input on the subject?

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