Friday, June 10, 2011

Time to appeal that tax bill?

Is it time to appeal your tax bill?

It is that time of the year again when the Tax Assessor's Office of the County of Santa Clara sends to all homeowners a notice of the assessed value of their property.

If you think it is too high for your home (it always seems too high doesn't it, since you pay a yearly percentage of the assessed value) you have between July 2 and September 15 to file a review, or an appeal - depending on when you want to contest it.  The specific rules, and the specific dates to check for are on this page of the Santa Clara County official web site.

Where I can help is by providing you with MLS sales data that happened around the turn of the year of assessment.  This is information that you can send to the County in support of your request, along with any other data you may have (that would not be in the Realtors' MLS for instance).

One thing to remember though, as they point out on the web site - and I quote: "IMPORTANT NOTE: It is very important to understand that filing an assessment appeal does not relieve an owner of the responsibility for paying any outstanding tax bill no matter how unfair the owner may feel a bill might be."
.. no surprise there I guess :-\

For the County of San Mateo, the dates when one can appeal the assessed home value are different.  Details can be found on this page: County of San Mateo Treasurer Tax Collector.

Let me know, as always, how I can help!

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