Friday, September 16, 2011

Fix Ups for Property Resale

Are you a homeowner preparing your home for sale? If you are, you may want to consider these 6 real estate fix up tips. They will help you increase your chances of getting the most return at the time of sale, for a modest cost. We can often overlook the simplest things but these 6 tips will ensure that you optimize for the maximum payout.
"Money wisely spent is money wisely earned."
  • Cleaning and de-cluttering - costs $290 but yields a $1,990 Return (put things in boxes, since they will end up in boxes anyway)
  • Brightening - costs $375 but yields a $1,550 Return  (clean and clear windows, update light fixtures)...
  • Smart staging - costs $550 but yields a $2,194 Return
  • Landscaping enhancements - costs $540 but yields a $1,932 return (new flowers, nice colors, clean up...)
  • Repairing electrical or plumbing - costs $535 but yields a $1,505 Return - time to repair these little things that have been left alone...
  • Replacing or shampooing dirty carpets - costs $647 but yields a $1,739 Return
The yields are estimates of course, but a good indication of the results.

The ROI (return on investment) on performing these property fix ups is pretty good, so consider them closely. The time spent performing the tasks are plainly worth the effort.

The 6 home fix up tips were the result of a Home Sale Maximizer Survey released by - the result of a survey of nearly 600 real estate professionals to try to find out what pays the most. The survey was to aid home sellers in determining what to consider to prepare their homes for sale time.

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