Friday, December 9, 2011

On the local political front, a little note on Sunnyvale...

The Silicon Valley Association of Realtors (SILVAR) Opposes Sunnyvale Plan to Regulate Real Estate Transactions

As part of the development of Sunnyvale's Climate Action Plan, the city is considering prohibiting the sale of property until an energy and water efficiency inspection is completed for owner occupied homes and energy efficiency retrofits are made to commercial property. The proposals were discussed as part of a city council study session this week.

SILVAR opposes this proposal because of the detrimental impact it will have on property owners and the ability to close transactions in Sunnyvale. Also, because the mandates would only impact properties at the time of sale, it would take decades before it would impact a significant amount of the housing stock.

SILVAR presented written testimony in opposition to the proposed mandate to the council, and SILVAR Past President Mark Burns had previously spoken at a meeting and asked the council to remove the recommendation from the draft report.

None of the council members spoke in favor of keeping the time of sale mandate in the draft. Council Member Chris Moylan made a strong statement in opposition to the recommendation. The draft climate action plan will be out for public comment and review over the next several months, so stay tuned for updates.
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