Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rental market is tight here in the Silicon Valley

I have been exposed to the rental market recently through 2 properties that I have put on the market for rent locally, one in Palo Alto, and one in Redwood City.  (Not all agents deal with rentals BTW...).

I have experienced first hand what has been known for a while now: that the rental market is difficult in the Bay Area (for renters), and prices have gone up since last year - if I had to guess I would say by about 10% easily.  In each instance these properties had several applications within a few days of being on MLS.

Several reasons can explain this increase:
- a better economic outlook in the Valley, leading more people to come here than people leaving the area, (which, incidentally, is also tied to registration in some schools such as the French-American schools and the German-American schools of the Bay)
- a significant number of people loosing their home (i.e. short sales and foreclosures) who find themselves renters suddenly,
- a relative lack of new construction - although there are some new projects being built around which will  somewhat address this penury.

Although this is true in general nationwide, it is more accute in Cities like San Jose, as described in this recently published article in the Business Journal, which goes over a few of these figures and facts.

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