Monday, February 27, 2012

A 3.8% tax on all real estate transactions?

Some of my clients have been asking me now about a "tax" that is supposed to be imposed on all real estate transactions soon, in order to pay for a (small) part of the health care reform law of 2 years ago.

I thought I would post this link to the National Association of Realtors web site article that clarifies this concern.  This is a very limited tax event, if and when it applies.


PS: I recently posted a link to the "Full Circle Farm Glean Team" in Sunnyvale, for those who have extra fruits to give away, extra fruits growing in your backyard.  A friend of mine pointed out to me that in Mountain View there is also the CSA where you can donate extra fruits in the same manner:  Our Community Services Agency who says:
Backyard Gardeners: Bring in homegrown produce to CSA "

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