Thursday, June 14, 2012

... More Perspective on the Market - Silicon Valley...

Following up on my previous blog of last year, entitled "Some Perspective on the Silicon Valley Market", I updated the graphs for this year for both the County of Santa Clara and the County of San Mateo, to reflect again pretty much the same story of rising prices as the year advances.

The comparison between last year and this year is also fairly similar, in that prices are slightly higher this year than last year, as an average.

When looking at some specific Cities though we do know that some areas are much higher this year than last year.  This will be coming in my next blog(s).

Counties - graphs of average prices

This set of figures begs for the question: "what's the story of: both houses and condominiums, combined"?
This is shown below:

Counties - graphs of average prices

... not very different, in fact.

Curious about your area?  Do let me know and I will study it for you.
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