Monday, September 10, 2012

Property tax increase.

Property taxes, as levied by the Counties, cannot go up more than 2% per year, right?
Well, not really.  It is true that Proposition 13 capped the increase of property values at 2% per year, but there is another Proposition, - Proposition 8,  which passed the same year as Proposition 13, which allows the property value to go down if the market tanks.

When the market goes back up, though, that same Proposition allows then the reassessment of the properties by the County to go back up by more than 2%, until it reaches the value that it would have been if it had not gone down in the first place.

A little hard to follow?  Just imagine what would be the potential value of your property, after you bought it, if it had increased by 2% per year (assuming the market was going up).  This is the value that it could be reassessed by the County if the market does go back to that value...

The request for re-evaluation of an assessment by the County can be done electronically now through their revamped web site, which provides easier ways to search for comparables and maps.
Santa Clara County assessor's web site.
and: contesting your assessed value.

If you wish, I can also assist you by providing a study of the recent sales through the MLS - which has saved quite a bit of money to some of my clients in the past few years.


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