Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Homeowners' tax deduction in danger?

... Reading the other day the headlines in the San Jose Mercury News: "Coveted tax break in peril?"

With the negotiations going on in Washington to avert the "fiscal cliff", we all know that there will be some combination of cost reduction measures and tax increase, whatever this combination will be.  But the tax deduction for homeowners regarding the interest paid on their loan is definitely in consideration.

For the main parts of the nation, this is not an issue, but for the Bay area, where according to this article, 40% of the purchase loans in the Counties of Santa Clara and San Mateo are for more than $500,000, it is a big deal.  13% of those loans were for more than $800,000, and 10% were for more than $900,000.

One way to find money is to reduce this interest deduction.  If the maximum mortgage cap is brought down from the present $1million to $500,000, over 10 years, it would raise $41.4 billion according to this article, which would look good to reduce the deficit of course. 

What would you do, if in the course of reducing the deficit, the politicians were to take away part of the mortgage deduction?  Most likely, if you own a house in the Bay Area, you have a significant mortgage attached to that house.  Would it affect you?  Would you agree with that?


Non-profit organization worth noting: Partners for New Generations.

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