Thursday, April 18, 2013

FTC - Tips on ID theft

Federal Trade Commission posts new video to help identity theft victims

The Federal Trade Commission has a new video designed to help facilitators who assist consumers in repairing their identity. Helping Victims of Identity Theft is the latest addition to the FTC’s library of resources that explain not only how to recognize identity theft, but also how to report it and repair the damage it can cause. The FTC gets more complaints about identity theft each year than any other consumer issue, and estimates that nine million consumers become identity theft victims each year.
The video promotes the Guide for Assisting Identity Theft Victims, a tool for advocates, social workers, attorneys, and others who work to help resolve the issues identity theft causes. The Guide is a complement to the do-it-yourself instructions in Taking Charge:  What To Do if Your Identity is Stolen.

When time comes to purchase a house or refinance, it is wise to double check one's credit reports to make sure no accounts have crept up without our knowledge.


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