Sunday, September 8, 2013

What do Real Estate Investors buy?

I have been working with investors as well as homeowners in the past few years, through the crisis, and I do agree that investors had a very good and favorable role in the recovery.  This is why I am always curious to see the exact role and impact investors have on the market.

The California Association of Realtors just released a survey of the types of purchases investors have been making.  Here are some of the interesting point:

Investors have played a key role in the California housing market recovery for the past four years. 

Two-thirds (66 percent) of investors who worked with a REALTOR® indicated they are going to keep the property for more than a year, while about one-fourth (26 percent) of investors intend to flip the property within a year.

Additionally, three-fourths of investors are of the small mom-and-pop type, owning 1-10 other investment properties, with 15 percent owning just one property, 46 percent owning 2-5 properties, and 14 percent owning 6-10 properties.  
Of the properties purchased by investors, single-family homes were the preferred property type, with 78 percent of transactions involving single-family homes.  Multifamily properties comprised 14 percent, 7 percent were other property types, and bulk sales made up only 1 percent.
More info  on this C.A.R.'s 2013 Investor Survey Results.

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