Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Home Improvements - ROI

How much should you expect to get back on a given home improvement?
It turns out that it depends on where you are, as much as the type of improvement you are planning to make.  Below are two infographics - 1 showing projects with not such great returns, and one showing those that have the best returns; these are provided by the California Association of Realtors and therefore are more appropriate for California. 
However, my experience is that here in the Bay Area of San Francisco, the returns are better than what would be typical anywhere else in the US.  In fact, this is something that one can verify by going to the "cost vs Value" web site link from this page out of the online Realtor magazine , and looking for instance at the "Pacific zone" and in particular " San Francisco", where the return for a kitchen remodel or a 2nd bath remodel will indeed be in most cases over the cost of the improvement.

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