Thursday, March 10, 2016

Try out neighborhood before buying. What a novel idea!

Didn't you ever wish you could try out your neighborhood - before buying your home there? 
What a novel idea!:’s new partnership with Airbnb, which launched in June 2015, aims to allow just that. 

A buyer thinking about buying in a specific neighborhood can “try out” the area by renting a place for a few days through Airbnb. 
Such recommended accommodation can be found on in the same area as the home listing they are viewing.  “Real estate professionals are finding that buyers are more likely to be happier if they are able to try out a neighborhood before choosing to buy” says a spokesperson.
Checking out noise levels, culture, overall vibes gives prospective condo and single-family home owners important information as they make their decision.
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The 2016 French Fair is coming to Palo Alto:
March 19th - Lucie Stern community Center
1305 Middlefield Rd - Palo Alto.
See you there, for French food, fashion, dance, live music, art, company!

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