Monday, November 12, 2018

Real Estate: Average Down Payment by State

The average size of down payments by state usually follows prices, as a rule of thumb. These figures tell us a bit more:

Down payments are:
Highest in California, with a 21.44% average DP (about $97.8k)
And                 Hawai, with a 21.32% average DP (about 69.9k)

Lowest in Alaska, with a 15.4 % average DP (about 36.4k)
And                 West Virginia at 15.4% average DP (about $21.4k)
And                 Mississippi at 15.8% average DP, averaging $22.9k.

This information is provided by the digital loan sourcing site LendingTree, and is reported by Alcynna Lloyd of HousingWire in her article dated Oct 26, 2018.

LendingTree also shows the following graph, which recaps the subject pretty well:

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