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How do you search for a home in Mountain View ?...

How do you search for a home in Mountain View ?...

There are plenty of search engines that will help you search for a home online, (i.e. see at the end of this post), but the first step is often to know where in town you would like to be ideally. Most areas in Mountain View are associated with a name, and there is an app for that – I mean a map for that, in the “Neighborhoods” publication of the Mountain View Voice. It looks like this:

Mountain View map

Just click on it to see it in more details.

MLS areas, used by real estate agents, function somewhat in the same manner, so that for instance it is easy to look for properties, say, on the North of Central expressway, or downtown, or in “Cuesta Park”… you can mix that with other criteria like: schools, age, size, etc… there are more than 300 criteria to search by in the MLS. So, when the time comes to really look for your dream house, it makes sense to work with a professional who knows his (MLS) tools and areas.

I love it when asked questions like “which area appreciates most” or “lost most value”. It is absolutely possible to check this out, but it just takes time, and you need to know exactly what type of property you are researching. Curious about a specific neighborhood? Let me know.

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