Monday, April 25, 2011

Mountain View prices: condos vs houses

To piggy back on my last blog, it is definitely interesting to research and compare how different areas within Mountain View (or any City for that matter) may have fared in the past 4 years, whether in the condominium market or the house market.  But how did houses fare vs condominiums?

It turns out that they did about the same:  from the average price in 2006 to the average price in 2010, condominiums lost 4.4% in value, while houses lost 3.4%  - a close contest.  The only thing one can see is that the condominium market went down faster than the house market in 2008 - in average figures... not in median figures.

It mirrors fairly closely what the County of Santa Clara experienced.  Are you curious about your area?  Let me know I am curious too.


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A link worthy of interest:  Community Services Agency

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