Friday, May 6, 2011

Los Altos prices: condos vs houses.

In the category: condominiums vs houses, I was curious to see how Los Altos fared, in plain simple terms.

Does it vary a lot from one City to another?  Not much: it turns out that it is fairly similar between Los Altos and Mountain View.
The following graph shows how condominiums and houses evolved in the past 5 years:

In Los Altos the condominium market started to be soft earlier than houses, and is a little slower to recover; - but overall is doing very well.

Los Altos townhall
  From the average price in 2006 to the average price in 2010, condominiums lost 4.3% in value, while houses lost 5.3% .  This is about the same as what the market did in Mountain View.

I think what is important to note is the general direction these figures point to, and the general idea that the peak was in 2007 - 2008, and the low 2009.

Again, it mirrors fairly closely what the County of Santa Clara experienced.      --Are you curious about your area? Let me know I am curious too.  I'll run the figures for you.

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