Friday, May 13, 2011

Market trend in Mountain View - price/sq.ft

Market trends -  Mountain View:
Following some of my last blogs on average prices in Mountain View and Los Altos, someone asked me to show the evolution of $ price per square foot.

So, how is “Google’s” City doing in that respect? 

  As always with figures and statistics one has to take the information with a grain of salt, or a good dose of caution. The figures can be deceiving.
The price per square foot is a good measure of the activity, as part of a combination of measures. It is shown below for the market of condominiums and townhouses, for the past 3 years; it is showing a lower value as we go into 2011:

…and for the house market, it shows a very healthy trend:

But this is one element of a big picture. In this case it is good to remember that as a property is larger, the price per square foot is lower. So the figures may also partly reflect a difference in average size of the properties sold.

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