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Study: Homeowners Who Default on Mortgage Alone Not a Credit Risk

Today, many homeowners who defaulted on their mortgage payments have asked the question, "Will my mortgage delinquencies make me a higher credit risk to lenders?"
Good question.
On the surface, it is obvious that falling behind and becoming consistently delinquent on any bill is not a financially sound thing to do. However, your credit rating may not be as tarnished as some would leave you to believe.

A homeowner needs to consider what establishes poor credit and good credit in the eyes of the lender. Surprisingly enough, if you have other debt that you are in good standing with, such as credit cards or an auto loan, you will be less likely deemed as a credit risk. Those who have defaulted on their mortgage payment as well as other accounts are higher risks to a lending institution. The study below reveals why.

Mortgage-Only Defaulters

Transunion. , a global leader in credit and information management, released a study which stated, "...consumers who only defaulted on their mortgage during the economic recession were far better risks than those consumers who went delinquent on multiple credit accounts." This particular study explained that consumers, who were only default with their mortgage payment, displayed stronger ability to stay current with other loans.
"There appears to be a pocket of opportunity among mortgage-only defaulters that is not the result of excess liquidity, but rather the unique circumstances of the recent recession," said Steve Chaouki, group vice president in TransUnion's financial services business unit. "This new market segment that the recession created is an important one for lenders to understand. They have the potential, today, to be stronger and more reliable customers."
Breaking it down…
• The lack of cash flow that resulted in defaulted mortgage payments does not by itself make the consumer “high risk” to a lender.
• You are a risk if you have multiple delinquencies on other accounts including the mortgage.
• You are not a risk if you have mortgage-only defaults but are current with other debt, such as a car loan or credit card.

In conclusion, if you are a mortgage-only defaulter you have more hope than those who are not and should not consider yourself a high risk. For more information, here is the link again to the Transunion study Mortgage-only Defaulters.

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