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Homeowners in difficulty:

For homeowners who are in difficulty to make their mortgage payments or cannot refinance, there are several options other than Short Sales or letting the property be sold through the foreclosure process.

Fannie Mae has set up a website:  . That site lists the five possible options that sellers should explore with their legal and financial advisors before deciding to list their property as a Short Sale or letting it go through a foreclosure action, if the loan is owned by Fannie Mae.

This web site is all about getting informed, knowing all the possibilities available to be able to stay in your home, the options if you do have to leave your home, and how to contact a help center – if the loan is owned by Fannie Mae.

In-person and telephone support for homeowners is available in the “Mortgage Help Centers”.

These Centers have been established to help homeowners with loans owned by Fannie Mae.  At a Mortgage Help Center, one can meet directly with dedicated on-site staff and experienced housing advisors to discuss one’s mortgage situation. English and Spanish advisors are available, and all services offered by the Fannie Mae Mortgage Help Center are FREE.

Of course, hopefully this is not something that is needed...

Francis Rolland

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PS:  Mortgage rates: Week ending 10/06/2011:
- 30-yr. fixed: 3.94 fees/points: 0.8%
- 15-yr. fixed: 3.26 fees/points: 0.8%
- 1-yr. adjustable: 2.95% Fees/points: 0.5%
(Source: Freddie Mac)

Worth noting: our Free E-Waste Collection and Shredding Event,
on: 10/22/11, Sat.  9 am to 4 pm for E-Waste Collection
10 am to 2 pm for Shredding.
address:  161 S. San Antonio Rd, Los Altos, CA 94022

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