Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Good news: housing inventory is up..

After some grueling months in the trenches, (if you happen to be looking for a house to buy), seeing the number of homes available on the market dwindle to something not seen since 2005, we relish a breath of fresh air:  the number of houses and condominiums available for sale is finally coming up a bit, promising more balance in the market may be?  We'll see.

When the market is sharply up, people often think that it is "great" for Realtors. Not quite so, unless you strictly work for sellers. If buyers have too hard a time to purchase a property, it does not benefit the community as a whole. Hence the sigh of relief when the market is more balanced.

In the past month, and as of the 18th of May, we have seen the number of homes on the market for sale, in the whole County of Santa Clara, come up from about 1575 to 1720. (below is the average for a given month...).

At the same time, the percentage of houses (not condos) sold for more than listing price has gone up to 44.5%.  By the way, this statistic is available every Saturday in the San Jose Mercury News in the real estate section.

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